who ends up with nate on gossip girl / Nate was originally supposed to be Gossip Girl instead of Dan - Capital

who ends up with nate on gossip girl

who ends up with nate on gossip girl

Clear your history. But the truth is, Nate does have a very specific type; he looks to his romantic relationships to figure out who he should be: what he should do with his life, how he should dress. As it turns out, there is an explanation for this: Dan wasn't intended to be Gossip Girl from the start, which explains the inconsistencies in the show's earlier seasons. Find More Posts by Chiqa. And, while I mean this with all the affection in the world, the first character who came to mind was Nate Archibald, played by Chace Crawford. Vanessa arrives in the middle of Season 1 and becomes an integral part of the show. In the years after Gossip Girl came to a close, disappointed fans found ways to move on, while some of the actors actually made efforts to distance themselves from their roles

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