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the art of dating

the art of dating

Bob: Do you continue to try to court your wife? Here are some tips: 1. I think we have a generation of young people who don't have a healthy, godly perspective on sex in part because of what the culture is doing but also, in part, because we haven't been helping them understand romance and intimacy from a biblical framework; helping them understand that it's a good gift of God in the proper context. The science is the research backed elements driving relationship success. There are cypresses and cedars, and she calls it a "couch and a mansion. I'll tell you what it means — incidentally, let me get a little preaching right here, this is why it's so hard to find a commentary on the Song of Solomon because we all think that God is so mystic in the Holy Other that He doesn't know what passion is. Kayla also talks about 5 of her favorite date ideas that you can use if you are trying to find new ideas.

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