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symbiotic relationships definition and examples

symbiotic relationships definition and examples

For example, a wasp is a strongly-defended model, which signals with its conspicuous black and yellow coloration that it is an unprofitable prey to predators such as birds which hunt by sight; many hoverflies are Batesian mimics of wasps, and any bird that avoids these hoverflies is a dupe. Word of the Day. Both wolves and bears hunt the same prey in their habitats. The birds eat the parasitic ticks, and the animal benefits by having the ticks removed. It may seem like predation is not an example of symbiosis because only one organism survives the encounter. Mesquite and cacti in the Sonoran Desert are another great example of symbiosis. Cyanobacteria a and d Diverse animals derive carbon fixed from photosynthesis by algae or bacteria.

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