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speed dating eth 2024

speed dating eth 2024

Detailing the challenges of representing real-numbered financial data with fixed-point numbers on the Ethereum blockchain, it delves into the system design, data compression, and precision management techniques employed by Carbon DeFi. See you there! Thank you for the amazing atmosphere and support! Dmitry will provide insights into practical measures for securing transactions through account abstraction, highlighting the use of tokens to cover gas fees, the introduction of recovery mechanisms, and the pivotal role of smart contract-based accounts in bolstering security. All rights reserved. Female Founder News The spotlight shines the brightest on the trailblazers — startup founders who dare to disrupt, create, and lead. In this talk, we'll unravel how the elegance of simplicity and the strength of well-thought-out design can serve as the cornerstone for developing secure, reliable protocols.

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