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How to Write Articles in English If You Are Not English?

How to Write Articles in English If You Are Not English?

For those who are not native English it´s hard to write articles in English. I am not English and I know the difficulty that all of us have to go through in order to write every single article. I will try to help you improve that with this article.

All that an English person has to worry about when writing an article, is having the idea for it. For us, not born english, the idea is the easiest thing to come up with. The hard part is to write it down.

When I started writing articles, many of them were denied and had this error: “your article contains grammar, spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure errors.”. I still got that problem in some of my articles, but the number of declined articles is decreasing.

There is a tool called Google Translate. If you don´t know it then search it on Google. IT IS AMAZING! If I had not access to that, probably I could not write most of my articles. Google translate allows you to translate whatever you want from language x to language y. So you would be writing on your language and translate it to english.

ATTENTION: This is not 100% accurate so you can´t rely fully on it, but it is a huge help.

That is my “secret” weapon. I also try to learn english doing things that I like. I like watching movies and playing video games in English. While I am having fun I will learn some words on the process that might be important to use on articles. All the movies I watch are in English, but I have subtitles in Portuguese which is my main language. While reading the subtitles I associate what I read with what they are saying. It´s another way to learn.

If you can take any english curse than that will help you a lot, but you don´t need that if you don´t have the money or the time to do it. Just by using Google Translate, like I do, you will be able to write most of your articles.

How to Write Articles in English If You Are Not English?

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