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how to talk to your girl after a fight

how to talk to your girl after a fight

If you were the one who started the argument, text her something short and sweet to let her know that you messed up. Toggle navigation. So, the urge to fight is just a result of her feeling unloved and unappreciated and not knowing how else to express it. She wants to see that are paying enough attention to her to understand why she is reactively negatively to you. With that in mind, you will then understand that what you say to your girlfriend after a fight is very important because it will either make her respect, attraction and love for you grow, or it will make her feelings for you shrink. Once you've let your girlfriend explain her point of view, validate her feelings by saying something like, "I understand that I hurt your feelings too. You can copy-paste these lines into a text message and send it to them, or just repeat these lines to them.

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