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how to save money as a young woman

how to save money as a young woman

They also turned to the great outdoors for exercise, choosing to bike, swim, hike and walk to stay active. If you're only making the minimum payments on your debt, you'll end up paying much more over the life of the loan than if you had paid it off more quickly. Assigning a set portion of your income to all of your major expenses ahead of time can help ensure that you don't waste money, especially if you actually divide each paycheck according to your budget as soon as you get it. Make a pledge to yourself and create a simple savings plan that works. Often, coupons can get you a free item, a cheap bundle or even a discounted subscription plan. Start by reviewing your expenses and identifying any nonessential items that can be reduced or eliminated, as even small cuts can add up over time. Sign up to our OneFamily newsletter.

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