how do i look up my federal court date / Find a Case (PACER) | United States Courts

how do i look up my federal court date

how do i look up my federal court date

Tax Court has its own system for filing and obtaining case information. Law Legal News via Lexis - Daily news source that covers the spectrum of practice areas including: Every major litigation development in the U. If you only have the citation for an early case or only know the approximate year and party names, you can find the court docket number by looking the case up on Lexis' Academic Universe product, or on Lexis or Westlaw. Bloomberg Law provides tutorials on searching dockets: Dockets Part I how to search, filter, and set alerts, and find specific types of filings by using Docket Key search and Dockets Part II how to access available documents, and how to request case filings. Courts of Appeal, and U. Please note in-person hearings have resumed and can be identified by the absence of the icon in the column mentioned above. Bloomberg Bloomberg Law has dockets and case documents for select state and federal courts, accessible through its Litigation Intelligence Center.

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