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game of thrones dating sim adult patreon

game of thrones dating sim adult patreon

Use this forum to report it. Explore a diverse selection of adult visual novel android games, where every choice you make shapes the outcome of the story. Click on dev's link for more info. Perhaps this is a deep metaphorical commentary of the fact that Game of Thrones itself has died during the release; and that a fanmade porn game currently has better writing than the grand finale of a multimillion, hyperpopular show which had double the amunt of time it usually had to make half the episodes. Jan 9, Will he be able to defeat her and escape or will he succumb to her power? I like everything in this game, except for one moment of saving from previous versions, they are not normally supported, at some point I get an error that, if I ignore it, I miss some of the new content.

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