dating an army guy quotes / 45 Perfect Love Quotes for Military Couples Across the Miles

dating an army guy quotes

dating an army guy quotes

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. You're not alone. The military is about more than just strategy and tactics, it's about raw emotion, powerful experiences, and simplistic profundity that can be captured in a single word. Here are 20 military-grade captions that'll make your patriotic heart beat as loudly as a symbol crash and resonate stronger than a bugle call at reveille. A leader is like a shepherd. Unselfishness, as far as you are concerned means simply this — you will put first the honour and interests of your country and your regiment; next you will put the safety, well-being and comfort of your men; and last — and last all the time — you will put your own interest, your own safety, your own comfort. Just step right up and dive into the pool of aesthetic soldier quotes and patriotic photo captions that'll make your Instagram feed stand military-escort-level tall.

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