can a girl apply for afcat / AFCAT Eligibility Age Limit & Qualification

can a girl apply for afcat

can a girl apply for afcat

SSC Exams. The minimum age requirement for the AFCAT for girls in India is 18 years old on the test day, while the maximum age requirement is 24 years old on the exam date. The same is also necessary with a B. Experts Sign Up. Candidates can train themselves by following the routine given below: 4 Km Running in 15 min Skipping One set of Push-ups and sit-ups, 20 in each set 08 Chin-ups meters of Rope Climbing 25m Swimming Physical Fitness Candidates must ensure that they are physically fit before reporting for SSB interview in order to undergo various tests at Air Force Selection Board. Voice of Experts. Specifically, these people must present NOC from their employer.

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