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2022 Introducing A Four Letter Word eBay Postcard Sellers Swear By!

Introducing A 4 Letter Phrase eBay Postcard Sellers Swear By!

That 4 letter phrase is ‘topo’, brief for ‘topographical’, and it represents the most well-liked of all postcard accumulating sorts.

Topographical postcards (typically merely referred to as ‘view playing cards’) depict geographical areas like cities, cities, villages.

There’s an easy residing to be made promoting classic topographical postcards on eBay, particularly if concentrate on shopping for low value topographical postcards at flea markets and boot gross sales, and resell these postcards on eBay.

This doesn’t imply you need to ignore different postcard sorts that crop up inexpensively at public sale and flea markets. However I counsel you place these to at least one aspect whilst you be taught the easy technique of promoting their extra worthwhile topographical counterparts.

Take a look at these fantastic costs for proof of typically staggering earnings fetched on eBay for view postcards that aren’t distinctive and never all that uncommon:

* 1903 EALING Singapore to Hong Kong & Hainan Postcard – £170.35.

* MONTANA Marsh College, Evelyn Cameron c.1910 RP Postcard – £165.34.

* RPPC New Salem Kansas Santa Fe Railroad Depot Postcard – $424.95 (on the time of promoting roughly £216.18).

RP and RPPC in two of these listings stand for ‘Actual Photographic’ and ‘Actual Photographic Postcard / Submit Card’. Actual photographic postcards are among the many most collectable and costly of all, in reality some collectors search purely RPPC playing cards. Actual photographic postcards are a lot rarer than their printed counterparts and had been created individually and required fixed consideration through the improvement course of, in contrast to most printed postcards that emerged from machines and required little bodily consideration.

I all the time spell out ‘Actual Photographic’ in my itemizing for folks unused to the numerous abbreviations used for the phrase, together with R/P, RP, RPP, R.P. and, in fact RPPC.

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Introducing A 4 Letter Phrase eBay Postcard Sellers Swear By!

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